Watch Your Crown Around the Double King

I was shown this piece of animation a few days ago and it’s been on my mind a lot.

It’s hard to summarize Double King in words which only reinforces and strengthens the video itself. What words I can find are praise. I love the animation style and fluidity.  The sheer amount detail in every movement and moment. This looks like a passion project and it’s incredible. I’m still trying to parse out the symbolism and meaning from this, but I think it might be better to just enjoy the Double King in its sheer whimsy, darkness, and omnipotence.

Overall, I recommend watching it a least twice on two different days (or at least a few hours apart) to let it stew in your brain. Maybe watch it more than twice to really get your bearings in it.

The video’s creator Felix Colgrave is an artist and animator who has done a lot projects from music videos to his own projects. Please go look him up, follow him, subscribe to him, and support him. The video has been nominated in the Annecy 2017 (an international animated film festival and competition) and has stirred up a lot of buzz on reddit.


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