All aboard the Infinity [Hype] Train!!!!!

Funny enough and completely coincidental, the first post on Animation Station is about Trains!

Infinity Train is an original short released by Cartoon Network (according to their youtube channel) in November of 2016. It has the potentially to fill the hole the mystery hole Gravity Falls has left in my heart and soul. I cannot say enough good stuff about this short and I’m hoping that Cartoon Network picks it up as a show to air in the future. This is the kind of original and creative content I think many of us have been craving among the reboots and “reimaginings” that are so popular. 

I was incorrect in previous statements about Over the Garden Wall crew working on Infinity Train. I regret my spread of misinformation. However, Infinity Train might serve Cartoon Network with what Over the Garden Wall had in terms of a beautifully coherent storytelling show. As I mentioned, the short feels like it has a Gravity Falls level mystery attached with an Adventure Time random/weird complexity aesthetic. The possibility for the world and its workings are huge and I love the protagonist (who reminds me a lot of Wendy from Gravity Falls). 

The short is currently a hot topic, I cite the many YouTube videos popping up in my recommeneded feed, from fans as to whether Cartoon Network is responsible and mature enough to handle this show properly with the respect it deserves. Many believe the network will mishandle this show, granted it gets produced, as the CN is has had quite the track record of ditching some of their better quality shows. Though this typically/usually/mostly/often happens with their DC/WB lineup (Young Justice, Teen Titans, The Batman, Green Lantern the Animated Series, Beware the Batman), I fully understand the skepticism from CN fans. However, many good things have come from the network recently that are noteworthy.  Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack are examples of the great stuff Cartoon Network has produced and aired over the the last 10 years. I think it would be fair to give them a chance to produce Infinity Train as they have proven their excellence in the past. Personally, it would also be so very nice to have the 10 hour (a gross over-exaggeration that doesn’t feel that way) blocks of Teen Titans Go! broken up by something truly more worth the attention. 

Furthermore, I cannot imagine Infinity Train airing on anything other than Cartoon Network without the risk of losing some of itself. It doesn’t have a Nick vibe and while Disney XD wouldn’t be the worst choice, Disnification is real. If produced by Disney, Infinity Train would probably lose some fundamental component of its uniqueness to make it more marketable and digestable with their lineup of Star vs. The Forces of Evil or Gravity Falls. Back to my rehashing point earlier, we don’t need more shows like that, there are already shows like that. There’s been something so amazing about Cartoon Network throughout its life as a network that has allowed itself the pretense of having light hearted children’s programming next to dark, creepy, gross, humorous works. That type of range supports originality and honesty and is why I believe Infinity Train belongs on Cartoon Network. 

I do remain skeptical of them, ever so skeptical. Anyway, enjoy Infinity Train!!


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