Weekly Watch Posts and Announcements!

I got a little carried away with the “Weekly Watch” idea. I was hopeful that I could post every week, however, I like writing something about every show I watch which takes some time to compile. Therefore, until further notice, I will be doing “Monthly Watches” to allot more time to quality. (P.S. If there […]

Weekly Watch 2017: April 9 – 15

Hey Arnold! Season 4 The Amazing World of Gumball Season 2 Animaniacs Volume 1 This week I logged over 5 hours on Hey Arnold! alone. I loved that show so much as a kid and it has remained practically timeless–except for Big Bob’s Beeper emporium–since it first aired in 1996. The beepers definitely date the […]

your fav is problematic

Awhile ago a close friend and I complied the most subjective list as we possibly could about over 60 different cartoons that we’ve watched and enjoyed. The criteria for a cartoon to be included and rated on this list was that we had to have seen at least one season, it had to have aired […]

All aboard the Infinity [Hype] Train!!!!!

Funny enough and completely coincidental, the first post on Animation Station is about Trains! Infinity Train is an original short released by Cartoon Network (according to their youtube channel) in November of 2016. It has the potentially to fill the hole the mystery hole Gravity Falls has left in my heart and soul. I cannot […]